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Although everyone may not agree, we hereat TUF love that Trump is finally President. To be honest, we have been waiting for this moment for decades. Now we can see how a truly well this country can be run.

We have politicians for Years who have no clue about business or how to run large groups of people. How much of a better person can we see as President, who has traveled all over the world, dealt with the most smart and powerful people in the world?

Finally we have a President who doesn’t have “world concerns” above “Anerica’s concerns”. Every President for decades have worried more about other countries and the rest of the world than here at home. And because of that, our country has gone way down hill. And if President Trump can’t make “America Great Again”, then no one ever will. It is about time we started taking care of ourselves before taking care of everyone else.

Have you ever sat on a plane and listened to the emergency speech every flight attendant gives before you take off? When they get to the part about if the masks pop down from overhead, what do they say to do? Put it on everyone else on the plane first, or the person next to you first? No! They tell you to put it on yourself first, so that way once you are safe, you can then save everyone else. Well, that’s what we need to do here in America for the first time in decades…put the theoretical mask on ourself first. For decades, we have put the mask on the rest of the world first and now our country is worst off today that it has since George Washington almost 230 years ago. We have sooo many problems here that we have neglected and haven’t fixed and each year that goes by, it just keeps getting worse. Well, not anymore! Now it’s time to put America first! And Trump will do that!

No matter what your thoughts or views are, we here at The Ultimate Fundraiser FULLY support Trump and everything that he stands for! It’s TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!