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We here at TUF COMPLETELY agree with Trump! This ban should’ve been done years ago!

We have to protect our country (America) FIRST! If this ban happened 16+ years ago, then “probably” 9-11 would’ve never happened!

By the way, “religion” has nothing to do with this ban, it has to do with a certain area of the world. And yes, not EVERY person from those countries are negative or detrimental to the USA, but a lot are. This ban saves AND PROTECTS AMERICA!

Here is the best way to put it…if you didn’t like a certain company or restaurant, you would’ve go there or support them. So if you are one of those crazy idiotic democrats and you don’t like America or what it has become, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! There are OVER 200+ other countries you can go to if you don’t like what is happening. But as a small business owner and a person that has known MANY families that lost family members in 9-11, I can guarantee you that Trump made the PERFECT move!

We here at TUF want ALL AMERICANS to be treated equal, but if someone is not American or is from a country which is volatile with America, then understand the situation. America has taken care of too many other countries and their people for way too long and we have ignored ourselves. We finally have to start saving ourselves FIRST, then we can help other people. Think of it like being in a plane andthe mask pops down…who do you put it on first? Yourself hole someone next to you??? Always yourself first and that’s what we need to do here in America.

We here at TUF back Trump and his ban and if you don’t like it, then LEAVE!!!