The Ultimate Fundraiser  is your one-stop shop fundraiser for your organization. TUF was created to help organizations and individuals raise money to further a good cause and also to do our bit to contribute to the circle. Our goal is to provide your organization with ONE main, easy, simple fundraiser that saves you time while reaching the fundraising goals for your organization.

The Ultimate Fundraiser

Your BEST Fundraising Option!!!

(800) 203-9409   www.TheUltimateFundraiser.US (800) 203-9409

Services TUF Provides


2.) Save Time & Effort For Coaches, Teachers & Parents

3.) Help Organize ALL Fundraisers A-Z

4.) Streamline Existing Fundraisers

5.) Teach Organizations How To Maximize Profits

6.) Hands On Help With EVERY Fundraiser

7.) Hold Multiple LIVE Presentations For Organizations

8.) Provide FREE Marketing Materials

9.) Provide Order Forms & Catalogs For FREE

10.) Provide Banners & Signs For Fundraisers

11.) Handling Of ALL Products

12.) Handling & Accounting Of ALL Money

13.) Provide Email Updates Regularly

14.) TUF Supports Local Businesses

15.) Give Out TONS Of Prizes For Kids AND Adults


-We GUARANTEE The BEST Customer Service Of ANY Fundraiser In The Country!!!

-We GUARANTEE To Increase & Maximize Your Earning Potential!!!

-We GUARANTEE To Know Your Organization BETTER Than Any Other Company!!!

-We GUARANTEE The BEST prizes Of ANY Fundraiser In The Country!!!


Categories Of Fundraisers (Pre-Sale)

-Food/Hawaiian Food

-Baking Goods




-Bath, Body & Beauty

-Casino Night



-Coffee AND Tea

-Discount Cards

-Green/Eco/Environmental Friendly

-Seafood & Fish Products

-Flowers, Plants & Lei’s


-Gift Cards

-Hawaiian Snacks


-Meat Products/BBQ Fundraiser



-Pet Products


Four Simple Steps & Timeline (Pre-Sales)

1.) TUF Gives FREE Live Presentations (Day 1)

2.) TUF Launches Fundraiser & Hand Out Order Forms (Day 3-Day 7)

(Sell For 2 Weeks)

3.) TUF Collects Order Forms & Do Accounting (Day 17-Day 21)

4.) Pick Up Day @ Organization’s Location (Day 31-Day 35)

***Whole Fundraiser Takes 4-5 Weeks Start To Finish***

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  1. Amazing commitment to good through your blog. Very inspiring in raising the faith in human nature.

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