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Do you remember as a kid having “Opposite Day”? Or maybe as a kid, do you remember making it an Opposite Day or opposite position? Have you ever felt in life now as an adult, certain situations or days or life for that matter, that it is opposite for you? More of an explanation, have you ever felt that you should’ve done the exact opposite of what you did or should’ve done?

I think we have all felt like that more than once in life. How do you combat that? How do you keep from feeling that way again?

There are certain things in life that are uncontrollable. There are certain things in life that you think you are making the right decision about, but find out later that you made the complete wrong choice or decision. Hopefully, if you are faced with that same decision again, that you will make the correct decision next time. Does that mean, make the opposite decision you did the last time, or reset your brain to process the information all over again and remake the decision? Or have any of you felt that no matter what decision you make, it’s always the wrong decision? Maybe you should just always make the opposite decision you were going to make and that would be the right decision. Or would that decision then be wrong? What a conundrum!

Maybe all of you aren’t “betters” out there, but this is the best comparison I can make. Ever play Blackjack before? Ever hit on 16 and bust? And then told yourself you would never make that decision again. And thenthr next time you you got 16 and stood. Did you bust or did you win the hand? Each time is different and you pretty much feel that you usually make the wrong decision? Well, that’s how Las Vegas was built.

But how about life? Ever have the same situation and feeling about life. Feel like you made the wrong decision the first time and then the next time that exact or similar situation comes up, you make a totally different decision. Sometimes, it turns out to be the right choice to change your mind and other times, you lose either way and feel “damned if I do and dames if I don’t”.

The point of this is to get you thinking. I would love to hear your personal thoughts on this and see what you think. Happy thinking…