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Last Friday, Snap (Snapchat) introduced their camera-equipped sun glasses. Snap’s Spectacles will allow you to take photos and shoot 10s videos of life as you see it. Does it seem all too familiar? Hmmm… remember Google Glass, which was a major flop as it never caught on with the masses.


Spectacles is priced at $129.99 and Google Glass was $1500. You also had to pre-qualify to be able to purchase the glasses by writing a micro essay. So basically, you had to jump thru’ hoops to make a $1500 purchase! Anyway, turns out that the only people that found Google Glass cool were die-hard techies.

The good thing about being second in a field that’s new is, you learn from other people’s mistakes. Google Glass was a more complicated device, something I’d imagine undercover operatives like James Bond would use:)! But Spectacles are for the Snapchat or Snap-loving masses. They are simple and fun, an extension of what Snap is about. Their goal is to help you create memories as you see them.

Spectacles 2

The company says Snap’s Spectacles will be available for purchase soon. Let us know what you think, would you purchase a pair, do you think it would add a dose of fun to your life?