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That’s as straightforward as it can be…Hiring is hard.

Does all the good qualified people have jobs? Why are we left with the left-overs? Is anyone dependable, trustworthy or hardworking anymore? Where have all the good people gone???

We run MANY very successful businesses underneath The Ultimate Fundraiser. And believe it or not, the business part is easy, BUT trying to hire realiablevand capable people is by far the hardest thing we have ever done!

We pay well. We treat our employees with great respect. We take care of and protect our own. Overall, we treat people great! Then why is it so damn hard to find anyone to work and do it properly?


These are just some thoughts of ours. Do you own a business and have this problem. Or are you a manager that has this problem? PLEASE share your stories with us and tell us about your hiring woes…