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It’s literally just that simple…


This is a subject where all you have to do is TRY. I didn’t say be smart or be tall or be rich. I said JUST TRY!

We here at The Ultimate Fundraiser HATE LAZY people! Anyone disagree with that statement??? Then you are probably LAZY yourself. And if you are, don’t be. It’s just that easy.

Life is short. Don’t just sit back and be one of those people in their 80’s or 90’s starting EVERY sentence of with “I wish I would have…”. By then, it’s way too late.

Look, this blog can’t be anymore blunt, honest or obnoxiously straight forward. Just TRY. And if you are one of those people who give their 110%, then you must know a TON of people around you who are LAZY and could benefit from the quotes below. Please send this to them and you MIGHT just impact their lives where all they have to do is TRY!!!

Let’s see how many LAZY people you can share this blog with.