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We are writing about this today because we just hear about this WAY too much! I mean its one thing to make an excuse every once in awhile, but not all the time. And making an excuse is just a thing that is standing in your way.

There are a lot of people out there (around us or it might even be yourself), that make excuses all the time. You shouldn’t surround yourself by it or do it yourself. We need to be around positive environments in order to be and stay positive. We need to always have that “can do” attitude about EVERYTHING in life! Look, life is short and we need to Carpe Diem!

Have you ever talked to an elderly person before? I mean a long nice conversation about their life and what their thoughts are now at the age they are? If you have (or like me, more times than I can count), there is always one thing they talk about and usually start of every sentence with…”I wish I would have…”. Oh and by the way, NOT “I wish I wouldn’t have…” (Unless they did something incredibly wrong.

The point is, that almost every single elderly person will tell all the things they wish they would’ve done, but now can’t do. They will tell how if they had more time they would…Or wish they could be younger to be able to…

Do you really want to be that age one day and think of all the things “you wish” you could’ve done and now can’t do? Life is short. There are NO do-overs, especially with age. There is no “I’ll get them next time” or “I’ll do it next time”. There is no next time. The time is now!

Please some of the quotes below and hopefully one or two or more will motivate you, especially to do things you haven’t done or things that you want to do. Please share this blog post with those around you, especially the ones that always make excuses. Who knows, this could change your attitude or even help to change the attitudes of the others around you. We hope that blog inspires you and if it does, please write us back and leave a comment telling us how this motivated you or someone around you!!!