According to kpbs.org, there’s good news and bad news regarding California’s ongoing drought. They said that the level of statewide drought has been decreasing over the past year but because of La Niña predictions California could experience more dryness in the near future.


“The latest numbers from the U.S. Drought Monitor show less drought throughout the state today compared to the same time last year. About 60 percent of the state is still in severe drought or worse, but that’s down from about 95 percent one year ago. However, California could be in for less than average rainfall this winter. The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a 75 percent chance of a La Niña forming during this upcoming fall. La Niña, the flipside of El Niño, is a cooling pattern in the equatorial Pacific. Scripps Institution of Oceanography climate researcher David Pierce said while El Niño tends to bring higher than average rainfall to California, La Niña tends to make the state drier.”

California drought

The state has taken a lot of steps to conserve water. “Californians in May 2016 cut their residential water use by 28 percent, compared to the same month in 2013, the state Water Resources Control Board said Wednesday. Gov. Jerry Brown ordered mandatory water conservation by cities and towns last year, when California was then in its fourth year of drought. Californians saved nearly 500 billion gallons in that period, enough to supply 8 million people with water for a year, the water board said. (http://ww2.kqed.org)

Hopefully, winter 2016 will be wetter than normal despite predictions to help chase the drought away.

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