Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), which is held in August of every year was created in August 2011 by the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network as an annual, global celebration of African-descent giving. In 2011 it was recognized by the United Nations as part of its Declaration as the International Year for People of African Descent


“In 2013, a widespread and concerted effort began to invite public participation in a wave of high-impact events, media stories and service projects.  Expanding each year, the BPM civic engagement and awareness campaign occurs online and in communities with local and global dimensions. Primary aims of BPM are informing, involving, inspiring and investing in Black philanthropic leadership to strengthen African-American and African-descent giving in all its forms.” (http://www.blackphilanthropymonth.com)

Here are the ways you can get involved:

  • Attend a philanthropy or community related event
  • Join Twitter chats by following the hashtag #BPM2016
  • Write an op-ed piece inspired by the theme: Elevating A Culture of Giving, especially those focused on philanthropy, community issues and African Americans
  • Join or start a giving circle in your community
  • Become a mentor
  • Host local civic engagement forums e.g., panel discussions, community conversations, etc. around topics/issues of local interest
  • Engage in a community service project
  • Amplify nationwide #BPM2016 efforts via social media
  • Share news and stories with newcomers to the concept of philanthropy and traditions of Black giving
  • Donate to a cause of interest

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