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Imagine being inspired by your idol as a child and then going on to beat him or her down the line? When that idol is Michael Phelps, the greatest athlete of our time, then beating your idol takes on a whole different meaning. As most of you must know by now Joseph Schooling of Singapore beat Michael Phelps in the 100 meter butterfly swimming competition at the Rio Olympics. His winning time also set a new world record. And he’s just 21!

Joseph Schooling

What a great story of a young boy working hard over the last 7 years or so and accomplishing what seems like an impossible feat of beating none other than Michael Phelps! What an inspiration he is. Hard work, single-minded determination and persistent work is key for anyone working towards your goal. Never stop, keep going, you’ll get there.

P.S. Here’s the photo of Michael Phelps & Joseph Schooling from their first encounter in 2008 which went viral.

schooling-phelps viral photo