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Leonidas Of Rhodes held the record for the greatest athlete of all time for more than 2000 years, 2168 to be precise, for the most number of individual wins in the olympics. On Thursday, Michael Phelps beat his word record with 13 individual gold medals, overall he has won 22 gold medals.


Leonidas record was set in 152 BC. And back then they did not receive gold medals, they were given wreaths made from olive branches. Leonidas was a runner. According to Wikipedia “Leonidas was renowned not only for his unsurpassed number of victories but for his versatility as a runner. His favored races required speed and strength in differing degrees; the stadion and the diaulos, 200-yard and 400-yard races respectively, were best suited to sprinters, while the hoplitodromos, a diaulos performed with bronze armor and shield, required more muscular strength and endurance.”

Congratulations! Micheal Phelps, the Leonidas of our time!

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