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The International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894, and that’s when the two constituent American members, James Edward Sullivan and William Milligan Sloane, formed a committee to organize the participation of U.S. athletes in the first modern Olympic Games which was held two years later in Athens, Greece. The formal committee, first named the American Olympic Association, was formed in November 1921 at the New York Athletic Club.

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In 1940, the AOA changed its name to the United States of America Sports Federation and, in 1945, changed it again to the United States Olympic Association. In 1961, the name of the USOA was changed to its current name – United States Olympic Committee. In 1978, the USOC was appointed as the coordinating body for all Olympic-related athletic activity in the United States. “It specifically named the USOC coordinating body for athletic activity in the United States directly relating to international competition, including the sports on the programs of the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games. ”

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Unlike most other nations, the United States does not have a sports ministry. The USOC has two primary responsibilities in its oversight of Olympic and Paralympic sport in the United States. The first is to generate resources in support of its mission to help American athletes achieve competitive excellence. The second is to ensure resources are wisely and effectively used. The USOC moved its headquarters from New York City to Colorado Springs, Colo., on July 1, 1978.

The USOC does not get any federal funding from the American government, all the income to support the program comes from sponsorships and American citizens! To donate, please click here.

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