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Here’s a fine example of winning fair and square, congratulations Lilly King! King won the gold in the Women’s 100 meters breaststroke beating Russian rival Yulia Efimova. Lilly King was one person who was vocal about her objections Yulia Efimova competing in the Olympics with her history of doping. Most of you may have heard about the related Russian state-sponsored doping scandal.


therefore stopping her from winning the gold. Way to go Lilly King. Efimova had been suspended multiple times in the past for doping but was allowed to participate in the Olympics anyway!


Everybody remembers the winners in sports and fortunately for Lilly King and the cause of keeping sports clean and free of doping, Lilly King beat Yulia Efimova and changed the course of the story and how people will remember this event and her. She’s a shining example of doing what’s right and winning, short cuts don’t always take you to your goal in life and sports. King set the Olympic record with her time of one minute and 4.93 seconds and Efimova finished at one minute and 5.5 seconds.

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