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The US Women’s Gymnasts are predicted to win the gold at Rio 2016 based on their remarkable performance in the qualifying rounds where they finished almost 10 points ahead of China. And the star of the show is Simone Biles. Under unfortunate circumstances where Simone Biles’ mom wasn’t able to care for her and her siblings, she was given up for adoption.


Simone and her younger sister ended up being adopted by her paternal grandfather and his wife, who played a role in influencing and supporting her to go after her dreams. It takes a lot of drive, determination and most of all passion, especially as a teenager to give up time with your friend and normal activities to practice hard and stay persistent. Just go after your dreams people, and if you have some youngster you can influence and push in the direction of their dreams, inspire them to stay at it or go after their goals.

Simone Biles has made America proud, Congratulations Simone Biles, you’re an inspiration to everyone!