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The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) E-School provides online classes for Hawaii’s students. Students enrolled in any HIDOE public school can take these supplemental online courses in addition to their regular classes.


According to the HIDOE E-School website, the E-School helps support the objectives of their Strategic Plan which includes:

  • “All DOE students demonstrate they are on a path toward success in college, career and citizenship.
  • The DOE has a high-performing culture where employees have the traning, support, and professional development to contribute effectively to student success.
  • The system and culture of the DOE work to effectively organize financial, human, and community resources in support of student success.” (http://eschool.k12.hi.us)


E-School classes are part of a supplemental program offered by the Hawaii State Department of Education branch — Extended Learning Opportunities and Student Support.


E-School courses are full-fledged courses instructed by highly qualified Hawaii licensed teachers and may require as much or more work and dedication than the usual courses in your school. This means you will have to be disciplined and focused in order to be able to succeed in these courses. Good luck to everyone that’s excited for this great opportunity!


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