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I don’t know how much simpler it can be. Could you imagine a worst President???

Could you image 7 out of 30 days a month???

Could you imagine any more lies and BS to the American public???

If you are a supporter of Trump, then if I told you to grab a rope and find the nearest tree, then you would probably make a swing for a child.

BUT, if you support Hillary Clinton, and I gave you a rope and you found the nearest tree, then you know what you should do. 😏

What a horrible person! And can you believe they convicted her of 118 counts and still let her dumbass run for President?!?!?!

After what she did with our nations secrets, would you trust her with your secrets? If you are soooooooo stupid to support and vote for Hillary, please send me your name, phone number, email, address, social security number, bank account number and any other personal information you wish and I’ll send it to her. Still feel good with your personal info???

If your answer is “Yes”, then congratulations, because you are by far the DUMBEST American! Or probably if you support Hillary, then you are probably the dumbest immigrant or minority in America!

If you vote for this loser, you might as well move to Iraq or Afganistan because your life would be 1000 times better!!!

If you have half a brain, DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY and send Hillary Clinton’s lying loser dumbass to jail!!!