This is a post for all  lovers out there, specifically dogs and cats. We have two dogs and a cat. One of our dogs is a senior citizen, he’s seventeen, his name is Koa. He was a feisty, fidgety dog that loved to run and showed affection in a very unattached way like some humans. Koa lived up to his name, which means fearless warrior.

Koa a few years ago.

Picture of Koa from a few years ago.

He grew up with Nani his female companion whom he lost few years ago. Now Koa has reached the end of the road, he sleeps most of the time but he does get up for his basic activities of daily living. He doesn’t eat much so he has lost weight. He’s mostly blind and is probably losing his memory too because he doesn’t remember the layout of the house and keeps running into things and gets stuck in places like the legs of chairs. But there are times when he will look up at you, maybe that’s because of a flash of memory.

Koa 1

Picture of Koa from this year cuddling with Moki the teenager.

We know he still loves when you pet him to sleep because he lets out a low moan just like he used to in the past. And he loves snuggling with us, that’s when he seems most at peace. Koa sure is a trooper.

The saddest part of having pets is seeing them grow old and go downhill in front of your eyes but worse is seeing them have an untimely tragic illness like our cat Ciati. Most of us animal lovers get attached to pets like they are our family members because they are share such a big part of our lives and they’re with us through the milestones and ups and downs of life. It’s hard and sad to let go but after we’ve dealt with the negative, all we can do is think of all the joy they brought us.

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