Are you kidding me with these pathetic democratic candidates??? I mean how much sadder could the Democratic Party be???

Hilary is only in the race because of Bill and Bernie can’t even compare to a Presidents wife. Could you imagine how bad we would be if Hilary or Bernie won??? Thank god most of America is smart enough to not vote for these low end people!

Our company who represents ACTUAL Charities, already pays WAY too many taxes to support the bottom feeding poor people who want to take from companies like ours and Charities we give to. And trus, everyone under the TUF umbrella work WAY hard than the people we are paying our taxes to. Take a look at the party reps…the democrats are LITERALLY represented by a jackass! I mean common, how much more perfect of a representative can that be???

If you are a hard worker (not minimum wage because that’s not hard work), don’t vote to give you money away to the lazy people in this country. Anybody who has half a brain or ANY self respect would agree that you make your own way in life and pay your own way without collecting money from people who are better than you in life.

Just FYI due to those lazy idiots in this country…our biggest Charity is that we give to Kids With Cancer! And guess what??? In the last 5 years, due to lazy democrats…we had to pay 10 TIMES MORE TAXES than the money we could give give to KIDS WITH CANCER!!! Anyone who thinks this is ok, your are a complete and utter MORON!!!