Ugly produce is perfectly fresh, nutritious and delicious produce that looks a little different than the shiny perfect produce you will find in most grocery stores. Ugly produce isn’t really ugly as they look just as beautiful as the acceptable ones except that they may be a bit smaller or larger. Yes, sometimes they are misshapen but very rarely hideous or ugly. Most of this ugly produce is wasted and thrown away while there are many that can’t afford healthy produce. 26% of US produce is classified as ugly and thrown away! ran the What The Fork campaign on to petition Walmart and Whole Foods to sell “ugly” produce, Whole Foods listened and now are selling ugly produce. “Why Walmart and Whole Foods? Well, first: we can’t ask every large grocer all at once since that’s not how petitions work, and second: everyone should have the right to buy “ugly” produce if they want, especially since it saves resources and money!” Another project of theirs is The @UglyFruitAndVeg Campaign on social media that you can rally around.

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