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The Dalai Lama, with the help of Paul Ekman, a psychologist, and the data visualization firm Stamen Design has launched a new website so you and I can have a map for understanding our feelings.

It’s called the “Atlas of Emotions.”

According to the New York Times Ekman remembers the Dalai Lama telling him “When we wanted to get to the New World, we needed a map,”. So the psychologist was asked to create a similar guide for navigating our internal worlds of emotions, particularly fear, disgust, enjoyment, sadness and anger.

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Those five emotions are not comprehensive, but according to a survey conducted by Ekman it was seen that these five emotions covered the full spectrum in a way that was easy to understand. The survey also showed how these emotions work – where they come from and how we deal with them. And the results of the study helped them create the Atlas Of Emotions. You can read the entire study here.

Those findings were then turned into the Atlas of Emotions, an interactive map that lets people click through the five emotional “continents” to learn more about them and the states or state of mind you can transform into for each emotion. The actions, triggers and moods that can result from it. Also, calmness is described as a baseline state unlike an emotion which is triggered. They said that a calm state of mind is needed to be able to evaluate our emotions. Understanding our emotions will help us understand ourselves and others better and help us take the first step towards inner peace? What do you think?

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