Newman’s Own Salad Dressing was launched in 1982 and it became an instant success. The first year of profits exceeded $300,000 and Paul wanted it all given away to those who needed it. Newman did not take any compensation from the profits and shared his good fortune, which was a unique and big-hearted gesture.

In 1983, Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce was introduced, followed later by Lemonade, Microwave Popcorn and Salsa. Paul went against conventional wisdom by creating all-natural food products from his own recipes and insisting that quality always wins. The magic formula was a recipe for success and the profits kept flowing into charitable organizations. By 1992, a decade after the first product sold, over $50 million had been given away.

There are now over 100 product varieties sold throughout the U.S. leading to an increase in the level of charitable contributions from profits and royalties.

“In 2005, Paul established Newman’s Own Foundation to ensure that the company’s philanthropic outreach would continue. The Newman’s Own business model has remained the same over the years. The enterprise remains true to Paul’s original mission and values, using only all-natural, high-quality foods and donating 100% of profits and royalties to charity. To date, over $460 million has been contributed to nonprofit organizations worldwide.”

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