Prince’s music touched all of us, a creative genius with a big heart. According to an interview on CNN, his friend Van Jones revealed that one of the projects that Prince helped to fund was #YesWeCode, which is a project led by Jones to teach 100,000 low-income, urban youth learn how to code to help them get jobs in the tech world.


Prince also made contributions to Green For All, an environmental project of Jones’. Jones told CNN “There are people right now in Oakland, California who have solar panels on their house that don’t know they were paid for by Prince.”

In a USA today report Jones said that he was contacted in Oakland 10 years ago and given an anonymous check for $50,000 to help get his human rights nonprofit organization off the ground. According to a CBS article, Prince donated $1 million to the Harlem Children’s Zone in 2011 which hopes to end the cycle of poverty generation after generation.


Prince supported Rebuild the Dream, a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of everyday people getting together to build strong vibrant communities and to fix the economy. Prince also had a benefit concert in Baltimore for the family of Freddie Grey, creating a tribute anthem “Baltimore” and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Prince remained discreet and humble in all of his charitable contributions. He certainly touched the lives of many through both his music and philanthropy. RIP Prince.

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