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Tomorrow is Earth Day and we at The Ultimate Fundraiser would like to dedicate this article to the Bees – who through pollination play a very important role in keeping the ecosystem and our food supply systems in balance. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been killing bee colonies across the nation, which according to the USDA “is a dead colony with no adult bees or dead bee bodies but with a live queen and usually honey and immature bees still present. No scientific cause for CCD has been proven.”

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In the last five years 30% of the national bee population has disappeared and the rate of reduction in bee population keeps growing each year. The losses connected to it are   about $30 million. According to a globalresearch.ca article, a new government study blames a combination of factors for the loss of honeybees, “including increased use of pesticides especially in the US, shrinking habitats, multiple viruses, poor nutrition and genetics, and even cell phone towers.”

The article also said that another probable cause in the US could be the widespread use of feeding bee colonies with high fructose corn syrup instead of natural honey in order to maximize their profit from honey yields, therefore depriving the honey bee of nutritional advantages and reducing it’s defenses against diseases.

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Human beings single minded pursuit of profit and lack of understanding or caring of the environment has put us in this position today and unless proper steps are taken by all the stakeholders in reversing all of the steps that has jeopardized the health and life of the bees, it will be a terrible fate for both bees and humans.

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