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In the documentary That Sugar Film, writer-director Damon Gameau turns himself into an on-screen guinea pig, changing his diet for six weeks to mimic the average sugar intake of a typical Australian male. And so he sets out to consume 40 teaspoons of sugar a day – although he does does limit his sugar intake to those foods that are marketed as “healthy,” like low-fat yogurts, juices and granola bars.


Gameau eats the same amount of calories he was eating before and continues his daily exercise routine. Soon Gameau’s waistline starts expanding and he starts to feels lousy. Even if you’re good at avoiding desserts and sodas, there’s sugar in almost everything – like pasta sauce, teriyaki chicken and so on. Hidden sugars in non-sugary items sneak up on you. Gameau’s blood tests all show him to be a healthy male in the top 10% of males in his age group but by the end of the experiment, he drops down to the bottom 10%.

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You can rent the documentary from the iTunes store if you’re interested in watching it. So how do you avoid sugary foods? One way is by cooking your own foods and staying away from sugar and sugary stuff. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. And get your sugar high from fresh fruits.

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