Hungry Harvest is a Maryland-based company that save surplus produce from being thrown away. Please do not confuse surplus produce with produce that is going bad. “Surplus produce” refers to produce that is extra or over the limit of what is needed for that particular store/time period, etc. that will go to waste if no one recovers it. According to Hungry Harvest one of the most common reasons produce gets discarded is for cosmetic imperfections – if they don’t fit a certain, shape, color or size then they’re rejected for retail distribution.

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All of these items are 100% as healthy and nutritious as their counterparts. Another common reason why produce ends up as surplus is because of mismatch of failure of logistics, for example, a grower may not be able to find a buyer for all of their crop. And you can help Hungry Harvest on their mission to minimize waste by purchasing produce from them. For every order of yours a healthy meal gets donated to a needy person. Hungry Harvest operates under a CSA-like model by using local surplus that would otherwise be sent to landfills.


They even provide recipes using the main ingredients from your delivery which you can follow. Delivery is free and during the growing season most of the produce is sourced locally. Hungry Harvest also offers an all-organic option. For more information on Hungry Harvest, please visit hungry harvest.net

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