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Have you caught yourself judging someone on first meeting them? What we call first impression is a better word for it.  Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy and colleagues Susan Fiske and Peter Glick have been studying what exactly people are evaluating when they first meet you. And guess what? They found a pattern in the interactions when you first meet someone.


In Cuddy’s new book, “Presence,” she says people are looking to quickly answer two questions upon meeting you:

  • Whether or not they can trust you.
  • And whether they can respect you.

Psychologists call it the former warmth and the later competence – ideally you want to be seen as having both.


According to Cuddy, in the professional realm most people think competence is more important of the two because they that proves they can handle your business. But according to Cuddy’s research trustworthiness is the most important factor in how people evaluate you. She explains this finding from an evolutionary point of view saying that in the caveman days it would be more important to their survival to know whether or not a stranger was going to kill you. So remember when someone first meets you, they’re trying to figure out whether or not they can trust you.

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Cuddy’s new book explores how to feel more confident. To find out more about this topic, read the book!



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