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At The Ultimate Fundraiser we have a number of products that are part of our product lines for the pre-sale fundraisers, store front sales, door to door sales and to sell upfront to customers.  We are excited to share with you that beef jerky is the latest addition to our product line and soon we will be expanding to add non-food products too, so there will always be something for everyone!

And you may use the products of your choice for door to door sales, store front sales or as a part of a pre-sale fundraiser. You may also place orders to purchase the products at a great price. Remember that we are one of the few full-service fundraising companies in Hawaii, if not the only one in terms of an all-encompassing fundraising company – we service pre-sale fundraisers, big profit events and more. If there’s anything at all you’d like to try or do when it comes to fundraising for a good cause, give us a call, we work with you to customize the fundraiser exactly to your needs with the best and most affordable product lines. Call us at 808-888-5692 or 1-800-203-9409.

The following are our product lines listed as a part of individual fundraisers:

Hawaiian Snack Food Fundraiser

The Ultimate fundraiser Li Hing MangoThe Ultimate Fundraiser Cookie

Hawaiian Food Fundraiser

The Ultimate Fundraiser Hawaiian Food, Laulau The Ultimate Fundraiser Hawaiian Food, Laulau

Gradation Lei Fundraiser

The Ultimate Fundraiser Lei Fundraiser 1The Ultimate Fundraiser Lei Fundraiser 2

Meat & Seafood Fundraiser

The Ultimate Fundraiser Meat & Seafood Fundraiser 1 The Ultimate Fundraiser Meat & Seafood fundraiser

All American Snack Fundraiser

All American Snack FundraiserAll American Snack Food Fundraiser

All American Food Fundraiser

The Ultimate Fundraiser All American Fundraiser 2The Ultimate Fundraisre All American Food Fundraiser

Beef Jerky Fundraiser

The Ultimate Fundraiser Beef Jerky Fundraiser 1The Ultimate Fundraiser Beef Jerky Fundraiser 3

For more information on everything The Ultimate Fundraiser offers, please click here or Call us at 808-888-5692 or 1-800-203-9409.

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