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In yesterday’s post, we introduced you to Dan Buttoner, CEO of Blue Zones LLC whose Blue Zones Project aims to change communities for the better – to live healthier, longer quality lives. The Blue Zone Project came about from the discovery that people who lived in certain areas of the world had long healthy lives and that they all had a common thread. This thread was nine basic habits they all shared, see yesterday’s blog to see what they are. A largely plant-based diet and regular physical activity are two of the nine. Communities across the country have been approved by the Blue Zones Project to follow this model, which was first executed in a Minnesota town quite successfully.

Windward Oahu

The three regions from Hawaii that will be joining the Blue Zone Project are Windward Oahu, East Hawaii and North Hawaii. Nationally, the Blue Zone Project is implemented by Healthways Inc. a company which specializes in improving wellbeing. In Hawaii the projects will be supported by Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA). These particular communities in Hawaii were chosen to be a part of the Blue Zone Project based on the community size and the leadership in place to do the planning and follow through according to the HMSA VP for consumer experience.

Taro Plant

The goal for organizers in a Blue Zone is to get at least 15 percent of the population to sign a personal pledge to make better choices and create a network of companions to support them through the process. We at The Ultimate Fundraiser are eager to see how our communities here in Hawaii do and are also happy that Windward Oahu is part of the project as it’s a special place for us, as we’re located there, plus it’s also the hometown of the CEO of The Ultimate Fundraiser. We’re hoping it will be a successful endeavor and that more communities in Hawaii will then be Blue Zones in the future so everyone has a shot at a long, healthy and quality life!

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