Today, sustainability and protecting the environment are mainstream and are a part of our life but how did it all begin? Was it born in the hearts of poets centuries ago as a response to industrialization? In the nineteenth century, the British Romantic Poets praised the beauty of nature. The Second World War and the rise of the nuclear age introduced fears of pollution from radiation. Then the environmental movement gained momentum in 1962 with the publication of scientist Rachel Carson’s book The Silent Spring which warned about the agricultural use of synthetic chemical pesticides. The 60s and it’s young were idealistic and visionary and the following decade saw their visions slowly take form in practical ways.

Image of earth

The “Blue Marble” shot. Photograph courtesy National Geographic
In 1972, the first, iconic photos of the Earth taken from space moved humanity with its simplicity and beauty and made us realize that our home is a beautiful but fragile ecosystem and the responsibility of stewardship of the earth began to dawn on the collective consciousness of the world. In 1972, convened the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm.

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