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YES, EVERYONE experiences it! Getting older!!!

Some take it as getting better with age, like a fine wine. Some are nuetral and just accept it. And some (not mentioning who) completely dread it. And not only do you fit into one of these categories, but I’m sure you know a ton of people who fit into each category.

I just hit a milestone birthday and even though I think I’m a little bit in all 3 categories, my biggest thought is…”Life goes by so fast!!!”

So I thought I’d look up some “getting older” quotes that everyone, no matter what category you are in, can relate to. After reading this blog, please share with us how you feel about getting older and please share a story with us (good, bad, funny or in between) on your experience on getting older. Also please pass this on to as many people as you think would find this intriguing. 😀