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I’ve always thought that our brain is an amazing organ, the command center or control center of our bodies. But I learned something new about our brains today which I want to share with all of you today – about it’s neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to form new neural pathways, synapses or connections. Neural pathways allow us to recall and store information about everything. The more we use a certain skill set, the better and stronger that pathway becomes.

On the other hand, the neural pathways of skills we rarely use become non-existant like an unused road that slowly gets taken over by dirt and plant life. This process of clearing unused pathways in the brain is called synaptic pruning. So, now you see how you get rusty in a skill you don’t use anymore.


Every time we learn something brand new, the structure of our brains changes because of new pathways that are formed to store and also retrieve this new information, the ability of the brain to do this is called plasticity, these changes can even be observed on MRI scans.


Kids brains have the highest amount of neuroplasticity because they’re always learning something new and as we age this process slows down. But the most exciting thing is that new synapses can be created at any point in our lives by learning something new, so today is the day – go learn a new skill, use more of your brain and keep it young. More in tomorrow’s blog.

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