We humans are emotional creatures, some of the emotions make us feel good whereas  others not so good, like anger. Anger is an interesting emotion and can wreak havoc, create misunderstandings and stir up strong emotions in others in turn too. Some say that expressing anger is letting off steam and that repressed emotion can be equally bad.


I’m still trying to navigate my way around anger and trying to figure it out. It’s a misconception that anger itself is inherently bad, no it’s not. Anger at injustice, poverty, unfairness etc. inspires us to take action and stand up for a cause. It’s important though to channel it in the right way.


Next time you’re angry at anyone, just take a few moments to reflect, don’t say anything, don’t make that call, don’t even touch your phone until you have cooled down, for you’re in a moment of reacting driven by your anger. Wait until you’re ready to respond because you don’t want to say something you’re going to regret.

I read somewhere that our IQ drops when we’re in an enraged state of mind, all the more reason why we should cool off first before responding. And forgive, forgive, forgive. Life is journey, none of us are perfect but as long as you’re learning and growing, you’re doing the right thing and are on you’re way to molding yourself into becoming a better person.


TUF Quote— TUF Quote

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

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