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Everyone out there who is trying to fundraise and is shy about telling your story when you fundraise, here are some tips so you can make your fundraiser more successful. You’re raising money for your cause, great but what is it about your cause that is the heart of the matter? What is it that emotionally appeals to your donor? Remember people connect to stories. Some people we at The Ultimate Fundraiser have worked with are hesitant to divulge the true cause for which they’re fundraising.

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Be sincere and share your story, people will connect and empathize with you. Your cause matters to you that’s why you’re fundraising, so when you tell your story put your heart into it, show that it matters and why. Stay away from complicated things that do not appeal to the senses. Most people go through bad times in their lives and will be able to sympathize with you during your time of misfortune and will want to contribute to you cause.


People are also more sympathetic to sudden changes in an otherwise average person’s life than a chronic condition in another’s life, for example, they relate better with you if your house burns down and you lose your home than if you’d been homeless for the past five years. So, people, please share your story and let people know the true reason for your fundraiser.


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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

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