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As some of you may have heard already, The Ultimate Fundraiser just moved into a brand New Office. With that being said, the first thing we had to do was paint our office. And as you can see from our colors on our blog and our website (www.TheUltimateFundraiser.US), we have very bold colors of Blue’s, Purple’s & my favorite, “Burple”! So, why would our office be any different???

As you can see with our paint swatches on the wall, we are sticking to our bold colors. We also wanted to do these swatch of at least one square foot, so you can actually how the colors look on the wall and how the paint dries. We are glad we did because half of the paint colors changed after being put on the wall and after they dried.

That’s right, we have 5 rooms at our office and 5 different colors…all shades of blues and purples. Hopefully it all blends together seemlessly like we hope!

We tried to use our company colors, but at the same time, not make it too dark and dreary. There were some great darker blues and purples that we liked, but it would just make the space seem dark and the space small.

Once we complete painting all the walls in the next few days, we will post it and see what you think. Based on the different colors you see now, let us know your opinion on how you think it will turn out and your thoughts. We look forward to hear from you!!!