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I often see bloggers asking for money for re-blogging a blog, it got me wondering if it is smart business? If you have a special re-blogging advertisement once in a while and are careful whose blogs you reblog then people don’t think much of it, but if you’re re-blogging regularly and advertising it regularly (every other day, weekly) and reblog almost anything, people may sense desperation and run a mile from it. Also, it sends the message that you will reblog almost anything for money and you don’t care about your topic or topics that much. And if you’re one of the bloggers that re-blogs almost anything you’re being dishonest to your your followers who are following you because of what your blog is about and because they love it. Soon they see you blogging about all these things that they have no interest in whatsoever, and it could be a turn off to them and they may end up leaving your blog altogether. So, be clear what kind of blogs you will reblog or ask them to contact you for details on that.


Always keep your followers in mind, like Seth Godin said, think of them as your tribe with values and interests similar to you, why would they be interested in your reblog? So, if you must sell re-blogs, pick and chose what you think your followers will be interested in and don’t just reblog random writings on random topics, you’re better off getting a premium blog and selling ad space. Also, serious bloggers that are passionate about the topic they blog about are going to be very careful who they align with, so even if they are open to paying you for re-blogging, the wise ones will be careful who re-blogs their blogs.

So these are just some things to remember and think of if you’re thinking of selling re-blogs, be smart about it. If you must do this, to summarize, cherry pick whose blogs you re-blog, does the topic align with your own? Does the quality align with your own blogs? Will your readers be interested? If you answered yes, go for it and don’t it too often. Don’t let the pursuit of earning money affect you negatively and make you lose followers and in worst cases your reputation.


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