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There are many ways you can do a fundraiser with The Ultimate Fundraiser (TUF). We understand that different organizations have different needs at different times, so we have many ways you can fundraise with us, so pick and choose whatever suits your organization.

FREE Products
Want to raise money without having to spend ANYmoney AT ALL??? We will give you FREE products with NO Upfront Costs! TUF will give you & your organization FREE products to sell in any way you want! That means you don’t pay us a single penny until after you make you make your profits!

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Purchase Products
This is the classic Fundraising option to purchase our great and tasty products ahead of time in order for your organization to raise money. This is a quick and easy option that helps you raise a minimum of 40%-70%! We also have free delivery when you purchase products from us.

Pre-Sale Fundraisers
This is by far our most popular Fundraising option and it’s totally free and there are no start up costs! Within our Pre-Sale Fundraiser option, we have MANYdifferent types of Fundraisers and products to choose from such as Hawaiian Snacks, Hawaiian Food, Meat & Seafood, Car Wash, Graduation & MUCH MORE! You can pick, mix and match products and the type of Fundraisers to suit your organization’s needs.

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BIG Profit Events
This is another one of our most popular Fundraising options! Our BIG Profit Events allow your organization to choose from MANYof our event options such as Casino Nights, Golf Tournaments, Bowling Tournaments, Concerts, Silent Auctions and many more!

Store Sales Fundraising
This is a great Fundraising option for those organizations who like to make A LOT of money in just one day with very limited work. We here at TUF have partnered with many great local store locations such as WalMart, Safeway and many others in order to do Store Front Sales. We provide you EVERYTHING you will need including doing all the work by lining up the day, date, location of the store, providing your organization tables, chairs, marketing materials, banners, stylish TUF shirts to help you sell AND even give you our great products to sell for FREE! All you have to do is show up to the location and sell the products. It’s just that easy!


Door To Door Fundraising
This is a great option for those organizations who need money quick and are proactive! We will give your organization FREE amazing TUF company shirts which will make your organization look professional, all the incredible marketing materials you will need, along with providing you FREE products with NO Up-Front Costs!
Sports/School/Church Concession Fundraising
Want some FREE products for your Sports Team or School???
This is an outstanding Program for those Sports Teams and Schools out there who want to make extra money with absolutelyNOUp-Front Costs! That’s right, TUF provide your Sports Team or School with our local tasty treats for you to sell at your game or event COMPLETELY FREE! We will do this for your ENTIRE season and for all your events along with delivering the products right to you!

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We at The Ultimate Fundraiser always appreciate your consideration and look forward to hear from you! We always love to hear your thoughts on our articles, so please leave us a comment below, take a look at our other Blogs & visit our Website.

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