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Two weeks ago, some homeless person broke into my company truck. That wasn’t the problem. The true problem was that he took my laptop and back up drive right out of my truck. The thief stole my memories and my life’s work and I felt terrible. My laptop was having problems over the last few weeks and I was taking it to not only get fixed, but buy a brand new laptop.

Now the worst part was, that I had my back up drive in my truck. Now most people are thinking…”Why would you have your back up drive in the same place you had your company laptop???”

I ALWAYS keep my back up drive COMPLETELY SEPARATE from my computer ALL the time. But you ask…”Why were they together this time???”. It so happened I was taking my laptop in to get fixed, buy a new laptop in the meantime and then I brought my back up drive (for the first time ever) with me just in case the “Geek Squad” guy/gal told me to back everything up before they fixed it “just in case things got erased”. I was trying to be smart and think ahead. BUT, it completely back fired!!!

Well, I had my laptop for 3 years with EVERYTHING on it, including a FULL back up drive with an exact copy. And yes, I had Carbonite (for 3 years), but I had found out the week before that NONE of my videos were/have been backed up. And then they told me based on “fast” uploading speed, that it would take 52 days to back up. Well, let’s just say it didn’t back up. And on top of that, the thief stole something from me that was so precious and sacred to me, that I lost my breathe for almost a week.

Long story short, I lost HUNDREDS of videos, over $1,500 in assets. I did my own snooping, found the homeless guy and called the cops. They were able to arrest him but let him off with a warning. People that visit or shop in Chinatown, Honolulu please be careful, there have been a series of thefts over there, visitors that are unaware, it’s the seediest part of Honolulu although they are trying to develop it.

BUT, just after this incident occurred, I had found out my friend had crashed his motorcycle, got almost killed, got put into a comma and luckily lived, but his 33 year old self was turned into a 7-year-old child after the accident. Not to mention, his mom (early 50’s) died 2 days after he got out of the hospital. Even though I felt the worst I felt in years, I just had to think that there is more to life than just things.

You can’t always plan that everything goes your way in life, nor can you predict what is going to happen or what the future holds, but take it from me over the last couple weeks, that I ask you to REALLY appreciate what you have. The saying is true…”You never know what you have until it is gone.” But more importantly, “Appreciate what you have while you have it.” Just know that no matter how bad your day is going or how it went, there is someone, no, millions of people out there that have it much worse than you. So, REALLY appreciate what you have in life and thank your lucky stars that you even have a device to read this blog, much less, food on your plate and a roof over your head!

The bottom line, is even if you are like me in life, reaching for the stars and hoping you have whatever has turns into gold one day, make sure you appreciate what you have in life and no matter how bad your day goes there are millions of people out there that had a much worse day than you and odds are, they have had or will have those days over and over again.

Be positive and thank your lucky stars for what you have every day of your life!!!