Does charitable giving increase prosperity? Evidence shows that it does. Psychologists have found that donating and volunteering bring a lot of benefits to you the giver. In one study researchers found that spending on others causes a significant increase in happiness versus spending on yourself.


According to psychologists charitable giving improves self-efficacy — your belief that you’re going to be able to handle different situations and problems of life and consequently bring about a desired outcome. And in doing so you become someone who’s a problem solver rather than a victim of circumstance, which can be very empowering. So giving makes you feel empowered since you’re contributing to a positive change, which improves your wellbeing and you do better and improve your own life. That answers the question I started this post with, yes charitable giving improves prosperity.


It’s just amazing that this totally selfless act of giving to others of your time and money comes back to improve your own life. They came up with the saying “the more you give the more you get” way before psychologists studied this topic and came up with a correlation. So, let’s all give and prosper and increase the happiness on our planet!

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