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just as simple as it sounds…Pay It Forward today. Do something nice for someone else. It can be something big or it can be something small, but make sure it makes a positive difference in someone’s day.

Please make sure you don’t just Pay It Forward to someone else, also don’t forget about yourself. Do something for yourself today that makes yourself feel good.


You can do your good deed for someone you know or a complete stranger.

Let them know why your are doing that good deed and ask them to Pay It Forward by doing a good deed for someone else.

If you have the chance and you want to go even further, do 3 good deeds today and ask those 3 to do 3 good deeds for 3 other people. It will amaze you to see how fast it multiplies!

Finally, if you can, find out what good deeds those other people did and email us your results of what you did and hopefully what others did too. We always love to hear how these days go!