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Fundraising events are another way to raise funds, although it requires more work and coordination than a simple pre-sale fundraiser, and the returns could be better and larger depending on the type and size of your event. There is no one event that is guaranteed to work for every organization or group. But there are a some things you can do to ensure the success of your event.


To make any event work it is important that you focus on your donors, those that are going to buy tickets and support your cause. If your event is relevant to your donors and makes them see why their donation is important, then it will add to the success. On the other hand, if your event is fun for the whole family or targeted towards a certain age group and attractive to them, they will buy tickets and attend your event. Special fundraising events require a lot of planning, so you need to have a firm grasp of what you expect from the event. What is the reason for your event? Is it to raise money, increase awareness, or bring in new donors? Once you have a clear understanding of what you wish to accomplish, you can start focusing on the type of event you want to have.


Remember there are some aspects that add to making a event a success

a) A silent auction – make sure your items fits the audience, only then are they likely to bid on it.

b) Get sponsors that will be interested in supporting your event in different ways, through monetary donations, silent auctions or even paying for radio or television time.

c) Focus on the type of demographic and what they would enjoy when it comes to entertainment.

d) Getting a celebrity to speak or perform always adds to the glitz of your event.

e) If you’re focused on getting the general crowds into your event, add elements that are interesting and not common at other events, so that it’s a draw or crowd puller.

To summarize, the key to the success of any fundraising event is knowing your audience and planning an event that will appeal to your audience/donor.

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