In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

A long, long time ago, down where the trees grew really, really tall lived a young tree who was the tallest of them all… but he wasn’t happy just being the tallest. He wanted to be different, go farther than anyone else, rise above and roam free. So one day as the Tree God walked through the forest, he dared to ask for his wish. The Tree God turned to him and said, “you’ve got it, from now on you’re going to be a bird so you can rise above everyone else, your wings will be of wood, you’ll have sharp spines below your neck to protect you and needles on your claws. Some will admire you, others will fear you but when they see you, they will know that you belong to the Creepy. Go far and free Tree Bird and bring us back the strange legends of other worlds.

Tree Bird