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The report Advancing Human Rights: Update On Global Foundation Grant Making by Foundation Center and International Human Rights Funders Group said foundations distributed $1.8 billion to charities that promote human rights across the globe – this is an increase of 6% in human rights funding compared to 2011. The money went to about 11,000 nonprofits worldwide.

Courtesy humanrights.foundationcenter.org

Courtesy humanrights.foundationcenter.org

According to the report, the Open Society Foundations gave the most grants at 2,112 and contributed the most money to human rights — $262.2 million in 2012. The Ford Foundation showed their commitment to human rights by granting more than $214 million. W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Comic Relief U.K. and Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program contributed $80 million each. Of the top 20 contributors, 15 are based in the U.S., granting $1.4 billion towards the fight for human rights.

Organizations in North America received the largest share of the pie at $821 million and were distributed as such:

  • equal rights & freedom from discrimination — $241.4 million
  • sexual and reproductive rights — $90.6 million
  • health and well-being rights — $86.6 million

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Global Distribution Of Funding Amounts.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa — $237 million.
  • Asia and Pacific — $141 million.
  • Latin America and Mexico — $132 million.
  • Western Europe — $110 million.
  • Eastern Europe, central Asia and Russia — $79 million.
  • Middle East and north Africa — $56 million.
  • Caribbean — $17 million.

Global Distribution of Funds By Cause

  • equal rights and freedom from discrimination — 24%
  • general human rights — 15 percent

These areas received at least 5%of the total:

  • sexual and reproductive rights
  • health and wellness rights
  • freedom from violence
  • civic and political participation
  • social and cultural rights
  • labor rights

Organizations working for women and girls received the most grants and the most grant dollars 27% and 26%.

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