When pre-sale fundraising, sometimes members of the fundraising group feel really hesitant to ask family and friends to help with their fundraising efforts or even to ask them to contribute. When pre-sale fundraising, you’re selling a product for a cause. The discomfort may be because of various reasons – you may not have sold a thing in your life and just aren’t comfortable selling, you may be really shy, you may have a negative opinion of sales based on your understanding of it or experiences with people in the field, you feel like you’re asking for a handout or any other reason personal to you, or you may just be afraid and anxious.

keep calm and fundraise

There are some things to remember, first, you’re raising funds for a cause. Second, you’re not asking for handouts, you’re selling a product and trying to raise money in a dignified and respectful way. Most people care for their community and helping out and they know that tomorrow it could be their turn to fundraise for something or the other, so they will be more than willing to help you in most cases. Do not be intimidated by selling, it’s just a numbers game, the more people you ask the more sales you make. Once you get over the hesitation in asking, it will be easy. Also, keep in touch with people in the process of fundraising as everyone is busy and remind them to keep reaching for their goals if they’re part of your group. Get people at work and church to contribute to your fundraising effort. Fundraising is one area where peer pressure is a good thing, one person gives and infects everyone around with the giving bug and soon you see many people making contributions to your cause as people are strongly influenced by their family, friends and networks. So, spread the word to each of your community groups.


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TUF Quote

TUF Quote

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