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Wikimania 2015 is the annual conference celebrating Wikipedia and its sister free knowledge projects. The event will include conferences, talks, meetups and hackathons with more than a thousand attendees from forty or so countries. Digital rights leaders and volunteer editors will get together to discuss issues and learn about new projects. Themes such as free knowledge, the role of Wikipedia in education, privacy and digital rights will be covered.

Wikimania 2015


July 15–19, 2015
Hotel Hilton Mexico City Reforma, Mexico City

Five days of free knowledge at the heart of the Wikimedia movement in a single gathering at Mexico City.


As we all know Wikipedia is a massive knowledge pool being collected and created by volunteer contributors from across the globe. “Three times a second. Twelve thousand times an hour, a Wikipedian somewhere makes an edit to existing material.” “There are 12,000 new pages of Wikipedia created each day.” (cbsnews.com) These articles are in multiple languages and contributed by hundreds of people across the globe.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, does not publish original research. “The goal of a Wikipedia article is to create a comprehensive and neutrally written summary of existing knowledge about a topic.” It’s a result of collaborative editing, so incomplete or poorly written first drafts can improve over time into excellent and well-written articles.

Wikipedia is open to editing by anyone, so if you’d like to become a Wikipedia contributor remember that they require the information you provide to be verifiable in reliable sources through citations. We at The Ultimate Fundraiser are in support of keeping this massive effort going and growing and always keeping it free; spreading the word about Wikimania 2015 is our small way of contributing, for more info, click here.


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TUF Quote

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