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We here at The Ultimate Fundraiser are animal lovers and support the preservation of animal habitats and conservation efforts around the globe. We will be sharing more on related topics and what we could do to make a difference. For now, here’s a list of the world’s most endangered species.

Amur leopard
The world’s rarest cat is believed to be making a comeback thankfully with about 57 confirmed animals in Russia, up from 30. But they’re still vulnerable to hunters.

amur leopard

South China tiger
Native to southern China, the tiger had a population of 4000 in the 1950s but is now thought to only exist in zoos.

Sumatran elephant
As Sumatra’s forest gets converted to agricultural land, the elephant has faced a loss of habitat. There are less than 2800 remaining in the wild.

Atlantic goliath grouper
This animal is critically endangered, thanks to our appetites.

Black rhinoceros
This animal was declared extinct in the wild in 2011 but a conservation effort has helped it make a come back and numbers have grown to 5000.


Northern bald ibis

Due to habitat loss there are only a few hundred remaining in Morocco. Attempts are being made to breed the animals for reintroduction into the wild.

Hawksbill turtle
The 20,000 strong female population is under threat because of the demand for their brown and gold shells.

gulf porpoise

Gulf porpoise
It is One of the rarest mammals in the world, with a global population estimated at under 100 in 2014. Experts expect it to become extinct by 2018.

Pygmy three-toed sloth

Fewer than 80 sloths are still living.

Chinese pangolin
Used for food and Chinese medicines, pangolin numbers have declined drastically.

TUF Quote

TUF Quote

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