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The Hawaii Department Of Education’s (DOE) Ka Hei Program, launched in 2014, aims to integrate innovative energy technology with meaningful learning experiences, all focused on reducing energy costs. Being a comprehensive energy and sustainability program, Ka Hei will change the learning environment, reduce operational expenses and provide engaging educational opportunities for both students and the community. The Department is partnering with OpTerra Energy Services to ensure the success of this multi-year program. An important component of Ka Hei is the suite of educational opportunities that will help engage students and staff in energy awareness and STEM education. “Ka Hei conveys our ​opportunity to not only harness the power of the sun to power our schools, but our goal to empower our students and teachers to adapt new ideas about sustainability for the benefit of our greater community.” (Hawaii DOE)


Sustainability: The DOE hopes to be more sustainable by lowering energy expenses through a combination of energy efficiency measures and clean energy generation, protecting the environment and reinvesting funds into the classroom to improve the learning environment.


Education: This program will improve the Department’s and schools’ existing initiatives to encourage interactive learning that brings the worlds of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and sustainability to life. Students and teachers will experience science lessons through on-campus Living Laboratories and hands on curricula. Teachers will receive ongoing professional development.


Key objectives

  1. Reduce the cost and consumption of energy at all 255 DOE Schools.
  2. Build a diverse portfolio of new, clean, on-site energy generation.
  3. Implement energy efficiency and conservation measures.
  4. Support the goals of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative and the DOE’s goal of 90 percent clean energy by 2040.
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TUF Quote

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