According to an Article in The Nonprofit Times, the rate of growth of overall giving in the US has slowed quite a bit. The recent Charitable Giving Index from Blackbaud shows the lowest increase in overall giving since August 2012, when it was flat. The data is based on more than 4,000 organizations that raise about $17 billion. The online index has 3,600 organizations raising $2 billion.


Overall giving was up 1.7% for the three-month period ending in March 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. For the three-month period ending February 2015, giving was up 4.9% versus the same period the year before. Online giving has remained steady in the recent index at 9.9%.

Overall giving increased in the period ending in July 2014 –  up 6.3% compared to the same period the previous year. Then it declined steadily to 2.7% in November, up 4.7% in December 2014, up 2.6% January 2015, and up 4.9% in February 2015.

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Online giving was at its highest rate of growth in August 2014, when it was up 15.2% compared to August 2013. The rate of growth slowed to 6.9% in November 2014. Then it went from 7.1% in January 2015 to 9.9% in February 2015, remaining the same in March.


Looks like it’s a time when giving is last on people’s minds and very little of the tax returns is going to charity, good time to amp up advertising by organizations, if you spend money on advertising. And people, let’s not cut back on giving, your money goes a long way in making someone’s life somewhere better!

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