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Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in the United States whose mission is to to find and advocate highly effective opportunities for improving the lives of animals. To do this, they use science to analyze the impact of interventions to help animals. They evaluate animal charity organizations based on how well they meet the ultimate goal of effectiveness.

Animal Charity Evaluators’ definition of an “effective intervention” is one that creates comparatively larger positive impact (measurable reduction of suffering) for animals at a low cost.



Animal Charity Evaluators hope to accomplish two goals –  one, educate individuals about the most effective ways to make a difference for animals; and two, recommend the highest-performing charities based on their findings.

They leverage research from other organizations and conduct their own research to gather the largest possible pool of data to inform our decisions. Currently, very little reliable research exists around effective animal advocacy. Their aim is to help close that gap and also encourage other organizations to produce more high-quality research in order to build a body of improved knowledge.

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The suffering that animals endure often caused by human self-interest is enormous. By educating people about how they can best advocate for animals, this organization hopes to contribute to the largest possible reduction of suffering for the largest number of animals. Animal Charity Evaluators is an organization that is taking the lead in helping us progress towards effective altruism.

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