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WordPress Daily Prompt: Edge of the FrameIMG_1944

As is usual, I stopped by her stall at the vegetable market for our weekly greens.

“Hi, how are you today?” “Beautiful morning isn’t it?” She acknowledged me with a slight nod of the head and an averted glance. “Glad to get my hands on these while they’re still fresh,” I said, picking up a bunch of locally-grown spinach…

Her silence put a full stop on my banter.

I retreat to my thoughts and remind myself to not disturb the peace of her silence; maybe she’s sad, maybe she’s stressed by the weight of whatever life has thrown at her, maybe there’s chaos swirling all around her.

So, if you’re ever at the stall with the bright yellow umbrellas – no friendly chatter, just get what you want, pay and leave quietly.

A little bit of peace and quiet is what she wants…maybe?